About Keirstead's

Same Company since 1925 in good hands

Born and raised in Saint John, Jason has been a successful local entrepreneur for over half his life. In January of 2021, he saw an opportunity to save a 100-year-old flower shop and give it new life. He was concerned the city would lose another significant local business, and as a strong supporter of uptown Saint John, Jason decided to purchase Keirstead's and ensure that the shop’s legacy will continue for years to come.

Located in Saint John’s Uptown Trinity Royal Heritage Conservation area, Jason plans on preserving, maintaining, and restoring the commercial storefront to its original glory. Keirstead’s is known for their high-quality, custom arrangements since 1925. His goal is to give new life by increasing foot traffic, growing Keirstead's presence online, offering new products, workshops, events and more!

Flowers bring joy and beauty to any space, and it's Jason's goal is to make arrangements affordable for everyone. Giving you an opportunity to enjoy them on a regular basis - not just special occasions! He plans on introducing a new, lower price point with a Grab N Go bouquets in store.

All of the orignal staff remain, along with a few new hired talents, continuing Keirstead's legacy of exceptional client experience, while bringing in new ideas, products, and designs to expand the business and elevate it to new levels.

When Jason isn’t working, he enjoys spending time hiking, working out, traveling, art and renovating. He has a love for architecture which motivated him to restore and save many old buildings, turning them into beautiful homes, and now a treasured local flower shop.